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Convincing solutions for a wide range of industries:

Segler offers processing solutions for the conveying/dosing, pumping/pressing, infeed/discharge, mixing, heating/cooling, drying/moisturising, classification, crystallisation and pasteurisation of products.
Our SPIRATOR conveyor screws are available as tubular screws, with U-troughs, double troughs, as vertical or inclined screws, dosing screws, pressing screws, screw pumps for liquids, grit classifiers and spiral conveyors.
The PROSPIRATOR processing screws of the E class are equipped with a single shaft and are designed for the processing of flowable bulk products. The M-class conveyors are equipped with multiple shafts and are ideal for the processing of adhesive/cohesive products.

They can be combined with equipment for the cooling, heating, crystallisation, drying, mixing and pasteurising of the product. The PROMIX processing mixers are available as batch mixers, horizontal mixers, counterflow mixers, continuous mixers, paddle mixers, double screw mixers, cone mixers, vertical mixers and ribbon blenders.

We also manufacture special plants such as bucket conveyors, trough chain conveyors, bunkers, spiral chutes, double spiral chutes, mixing paddles, discharge systems, screw discharge bases, discharge screws, etc. Our SPIREX and SPIX ranges include screw shafts, paddle screw shafts, belt screw shafts, spiral conveyors, spiral chutes, mixing paddles, screw flights, saw tooth blades, and thermal blades.