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Food processing industry Food processing industry Food processing industry Food processing industry Food processing industry Food processing industry Food processing industry

Food processing industry
This screw conveyor is fitted with 9 filling adaptors over a length of approximately 4 m. The screw conveyor is located in an easy-to-reach position in an O-profile trough with folding cover segments. There are fill limiters below the cover segments which together with the trough form a tube-shaped conveyor space for precise throughput quantities.

- Hygienic worm shaft sealing
- Magnetic switch cutout for the trough cover (grip protection and prevention of product loss)
- Surfaces which come into contact with the product are finely ground and electrolytically polished

Increasing price pressure and high quality expectations in the foodstuffs industry make it necessary to organise the production of foodstuffs more effectively. This applies above all to the bakery industry.

The Segler Förderanlagen company plans, develops and manufactures systems for continuous dough production. Constant, if not improved quality with high recipe flexibility is guaranteed.

The systems achieve an output of 1-10 t/h with a dough yield of 140-190. Continuous dough production delivers high-quality end products. The product is gently mixed and kneaded in a very short time. The process also requires a minimum of energy. Differences to the power consumption of a batch kneader result through decidedly better flour moistening and hydration in the first kneading phase and the permanent movement of the dough. This results in significantly lower power input.

The horizontal-vertical conveying screw serves to convey crushed, frozen perishable foodstuffs. It is used in a deep freeze store at -25°C. The conveying plant is located on a moveable platform and is fitted with an operating device. The screw runs in a pipe-shaped trough and is fixed there with a quickrelease mechanism. It can therefore be dismantled and refitted very quickly in an axial direction.

This design is fitted with various cleaning openings which permit thorough cleaning with little effort. The seals are hygienically flushable. The machine is exclusively made of rust-free stainless steel. Great importance was attached to simple cleaning and flawless hygiene in the design.

A lump breaker serves to crush agglomerates which have arisen due to storage, transport or production processes. The breaker is integrated directly into the production flow by means of a flange in order to guarantee a continuous process. The bulk material supplied is crushed by the rotating crushing tools and discharged downwards in the course of being combed through. This process guarantees an even discharge. This leads to quality assurance and improvement as there are no more lumps and agglomerates which interrupt the production process.

Segler Förderanlagen supplies storage tanks with integrated rough-pressing equipment for feeding various pumps (centrifugal, eccentric, piston and hose pumps, etc.) for various companies in the foodstuffs industry. A higher fill factor is achieved in the pumps with this rough pressing of the masses which avoids cavitation. The containers are used for paste-like masses in the sweets industry, in butchery, in cheese dairies, etc. The machines are mounted on rollers in order to guarantee mobile use. Daily cleaning in the companies is simplified as a result. Cleaning the machines is no problem due to practically complete emptying of residues and the possibility of CIP cleaning. Screw conveyors, conveyor belts or lifting equipment are used for loading. The containers can be supplied with various extra items of equipment.

Segler delivered a high performance bucket elevator with a total height of 30 meter. The working platform is in 28 meters. The whole equipment is build of high-alloyed steel. With a bucket bulk of 800 mm they convey 250 t crystal sugar per hour out of the truck-receiving-cavity into some storage silos.

The Maillard-Reaction (named after the chemist Louis Camille Maillard, who experimented in the time of 1912 with these chemical bonds), is a so called non-enzymatical browning reaction.
The process screw has a diameter of 800 mm and length of 9000 mm. In the first segment, the product is heated. In the next segment the product remains for the Maillard-Reaktion. In the last segment the product is cooled down back to room temperature. The machine is designed for food products and can be cleaned completely wet aseptic and sanitary (C.I.P cleaning).

NEW PROCESS REACTOR for the processing of products in powder or paste form
Under the auspices of Dr. Knoch, and in close cooperation with the German Institute of Food technology (DIL) in Quakenbrück, we have recently developed a multi-functional continuous process reactor for powder and paste substances. The DIL was responsible for the development of the control system, the integration of the microwave and infrared technology and the completion of experiments regarding the mixing and drying properties of the unit. Segler was in charge of the overall development and manufacture of the process reactor. One of its key features is the drive system with master and slave screw shafts. The process reactor is currently being used in the Segler technical department for testing purposes.

CHEESE MIXTURE – processing unit with integrated CiP "Clean in Place"
Another large-scale project of Segler was the design and manufacture of four complete processing and mixing units for the production of processed cheese. Before the cheese mix is processed, it is pumped into a UHT unit where it is thermally treated. The cheese is then transferred to the packaging lines. The dry ingredients are automatically weighed and added to the Segler paddle mixer. The cheese to be processed is supplied in blocks of 20 or 25 kg and is cut into small pieces in the paddle mixer where warm water is added. From the paddle mixer, the raw product is temporarily stored on a Segler screw trolley. The raw cheese is then pumped into the UHT station. The Segler paddle mixer has a capacity of 500 to 2000kg per batch. The entire unit is equipped with a CiP ("Clean in Place") system that cleans it automatically to the required standard. The entire process is controlled by a PLC system.