We provide the corresponding tool for all of your applications.

Whether it is mixing, conveying, metering, milling, whether in the food industry, the chemical industry, the environmental sector, or the agricultural and forestry sector. SPIX auger blades are available in all dimensions, shapes, and made of a wide range of materials — always tailor-made to client specifications.

Product range

  • Mixing paddle
  • Auger blades (full blade screw thread)
  • Sawtooth blades
  • Thermo blades
  • Ribbon blades
  • Conical blades
  • Blades with wear protection
  • Auger blades with openings / slotted holes
  • Special blades

Properties / variants




Regular steel, stainless steel, wear- and heat-resistant materials, titanium, aluminum, special materials

DimensionsOuter diameter from 50 mm, material thicknesses from 2 to 30/35 mm, special dimensions upon request
Shapes and geometriesRight-handed, left-handed, conical, toothed, progressive gradient, with openings, teeth, slotted holes, drill holes
Surface treatmentsEtching, passivation, burnishing, blasting, oiling, painting (depending on material and requirements); auger blades generally do not have any surface treatments; surface treatments are performed only after welding
Wear protection measuresScrewed-on wear segments, various custom welds etc.


  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Manufactured according to industry-specific standards and norms
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Short reaction times
  • Long-standing industry-specific and cross-industry experience
  • Comprehensive know-how with regard to process technology solutions; manufacturing processes, materials