If bulk materials, pulps etc. not only need to be transported, but also simultaneously integrated into additional process technology steps in the materials handling process, process augers are used.

Examples of additional features include metering, cooling, heating, drying, wetting, mixing, crystallization, hygienization, washing, separation, kneading, and much more. The embedding of multiple processes is also possible. When combining processes, precisely taking into account and coordinating all parameters is the prerequisite for reliably reaching the goal.

Product range

  • Heating auger conveyors
  • Cooling auger conveyors
  • Mixing auger conveyors
  • Screening auger conveyors
  • Auger conveyors as swim-or-sink phase (classifier)
  • Wetting auger conveyors
  • Auger reactors

Properties / variants


In stainless steel, regular steel, and special materials, single-shaft/multiple-shaft

Trough shapesSingle-shaft in pipe trough, U-trough, and omega trough, multiple-shaft in U-trough
DesignFull blade screw thread, screw thread with openings (mixing effect or self-cleaning effect), hollow screw thread
ConfigurationsThermo blades, temperature control of auger trough, hard facing, CE wear protection plates, coatings, cleaning openings, CIP, inspection hatches, RPM monitor, fill level detector, multiple goods loading/dispensation points.
VariantsDust-proof, gas-tight, pressure-tight and/or shock pressure resistant, vacuum operation, food safe/hygienic design, ATEX-compliant, WGH-compliant (water protection)
SealsProduct-specific seals, TA Luft compliant, system termination possible
DriveIE3 motor, inverter compatible, for up to zone 1 and 21


  • Dust-proof, gas-tight possible (inert procedure)
  • Implementation of complex manufacturing processes also possible
  • Optimal coordination of various features
  • Variable process design/settings depending on formulation
  • Even temperature control
  • Solid and robust design
  • Upstream and downstream steps can be integrated, such as metering devices, feeding
  • Low-cost solutions, low operating costs
  • Continuous operation
  • No filling and emptying times (in-line processes)

SEGLER's design team

looks back on decades of experience in this area, and would be glad to assist you with tailoring and realizing your custom process auger.