Special products, processing chains, and/or production conditions require, among other things, highly specialized process technology solutions.

We use our well-founded expertise in complex processes — both industry-specific and cross-industry — to realize robust process equipment for you. When doing so, the optimal coordination of all components and interfaces is just as much a priority for us as a CE-compliant realization, as well as ensuring quality via pressure samples, welding inspections, functional inspections etc.


Conveyor systems - bins - silos - hoppers for:

  • Bulk materials; e.g. sugar, iron powder, granulates, powder, grains, pigments, coffee
  • Pulps; e.g. diatomaceous earth, sewage sludge, paper pulp
  • Dry or wet waste products; e.g. rejects, residual waste, organic waste, compost, (plastic) films
  • Feeding extruders with PVC Dryblend
  • Unloading wagons and filling silos

 Mixing and metering installations for bulk goods:

  • In the food industry; e.g. cereals, flour, flavorings, spices, muesli, salt, sugar, pectin, milk powde
  • In the chemical industry; e.g. TiO2, potassium chloride, fertilizers, descaling powder, cellulose, cleaning agents, insulating materials, mineral wools
  • In the recycling and environmental industries; e.g. PET, PA, rework, recyclate, excavated earth, wetting of dust, drill cutting
  • Manufacturing gypsum for the dental industry

 Manufacturing and processing of paste-like materials, creams, and liquids:

  • In the food industry; e.g.

o   bread, bread rolls, pizza (doughs)

o   Sticky sugar masses and paste-like materials

o   Cheese for a downstream UHT heating installation

o   Sugar extraction plants, drinks

  • For the chemical industry, e.g.

o   Manufacturing of silicone, pastes, creams

o   Extraction systems for urea

o   Butyl, bitumen, insulating materials

o   Titanium dioxide



Processing systems and classification technology:

  • Wet processing of milled products such as PET, PO, abrasive slurry, metals, plas-tics

o    Separation-sink installations

o    Centrifugal drainage

o    Frictional separation

o    Wash classifiers and soaking tanks

o    Mechanical drainage with screw presses

  • Dry processing of powders and bulk materials such as plastics, granulates, aluminum, PET, PUR

o    Bottle to Bottle processing, URRC process

o    CFC matrix degassing of PUR powder

o    Wind sifters

o    Cyclones

o    Magnetic separators



  • Defrosting systems for fruits
  • Slaker


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