SEGLER develops and manufactures auger conveyors with a horizontal, inclined, or vertical direction of conveyance, with universal scopes of application and in a wide range of variants

If more wear-resistant or coated materials are used for the screw and the trough, the screw conveyors also perform well when used with abrasive or corrosive media such as salt, fertilizer, pigments, powder, sewage sludge, ash, sand etc. Furthermore, with additional design measures, they also constitute the ideal process technology solution for sticky, paste-like media which tends to clog up machines.

Product range

  • Horizontal augers, vertical augers, slanted augers
  • Single screws, double screws, multiple screws
  • Helix conveyors, hollow screws
  • Pipe trough, U-trough, V-trough, omega trough, double-U trough
  • Ribbon augers
  • Paddle augers
  • Full augers
  • Spiral conveyors

Properties / variants

Conveying rates

 Up to approx. 500 m³/h

 Screw conveyors

 Up to 40 m


 In stainless steel, regular steel, and special materials such as wear-, chemical-, and temperature-resistant materials

Trough shapesPipe trough, U-trough, V-trough, omega trough, double-U trough

 Variable blade and shaft design: Conical helix, changing, progressive screw gradient, ribbon spiral, toothed etc. (-> Link to page "Auger shafts and auger blades")

ConfigurationsHard facing, wear protection plates, coatings, cleaning openings, inspection hatches, RPM monitor, fill level detector, CIP, multiple goods loading/dispensation points.
VariantsDust-proof, gas-tight, pressure-tight and/or shock pressure resistant, vacuum operation, food safe, ATEX-compliant, WGH-compliant (water protection)
SealsProduct-specific seals


  • Dust-proof
  • Low system and maintenance costs
  • Low susceptibility to failure
  • Low-noise operation
  • Simple yet robust design
  • Low space requirements
  • Continuous operation