Our clients from the fields of recycling, power plants, water processing, biogas etc. approach us with complex job scopes.

These often involve issues such as resource conservation, avoiding waste, reutilization/recovery, re-introducing waste into the materials cycle, reducing environmental emissions etc. Such assignments always involve compliance with the highest environmental standards.

Whether the ideal solution for you takes the form of a screw press, a high-performance mixer, centrifugal dryer, separation-sink system, or chip conveyor — the result of the collaboration with SEGLER are machines and systems which are characterized by their durability, longevity, safety, reliability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Application examples

  • Processing and conditioning materials for landfills, re-introduction into processes, backfills, or re-use
  • Conveying
  • Mixing
  • Metering
  • Hygienization
  • Drying, wetting
  • Neutralisieren
  • Agglomerating, granulating
  • Moor drainage
  • Sewage sludge cooling

Examples of media

  • Pulp/sludge; e.g. paper pulp, sewage sludge
  • Ashes, dusts, soils
  • Residual materials
  • Fuel surrogates, biomass
  • Recycled products: Construction debris, PET, PUR, flexible foam
  • Organic waste, compost, screened material
  • Electronic scrap
  • Oil drill cutting