The continuous operation of processes brings a great deal of advantages. For one, it eliminates the need for upstream and downstream interim storage.

Furthermore, the networking time of the device is increased, as interim filling, emptying, and cleaning cycles are eliminated. With a predefined production quantity, the mixer and drive can have a more compact design. Continuous mixers are used e.g. with high throughput quantities and constant processes.

Product range

    • Continuous mixers
    • Paddle mixers
    • Ribbon auger mixers

Properties / variants

Mixing capacity
Up to 600m┬│/h


In stainless steel, regular steel, and special materials

Trough shapesCasing pipe, U-trough, V-trough, omega trough, double-U trough
Mixing principlesIn turbulent area/mechanically generated fluidized bed, in pile
Mixing toolsCore shaft as full shaft or hollow steel in stainless steel plated version, (adjustable) mixing paddle,
special geometries, (conical) mixing shaft, cutter heads, lateral scrapers, special blades (link: Auger shafts and blades)
ConfigurationsVarious welded hard facings, platings, jacket claddings / wear shells, additional cooling/heating jackets, thermo blades, CIP, feed hopper, (multi-stage) metering devices, spraying devices; electrically or pneumatically operated discharge flaps, inspection openings, where necessary multiple inlet/outlet ports, removable bearing end shields
VariantsHeavy industrial versions, heavy duty, food safe, ATEX-compliant, WHG-compliant (water protection), dust-proof, explosion pressure resistant, pressurized operation, vacuum operation
SealsProduct-specific seals
Service lifeContinuous operation
As requiredUpstream and downstream process steps through specially configured metering, cut-off, and discharge devices, version with heating or cooling jacket


  • Reproducible product quality
  • Optimal product flow with short mixing times
  • As required: from gentle product homogenization to increased shear forces acting on product to the integration of additional process steps
  • Short discharge times and practically residue-free discharge
  • Good accessibility, allows for optimal cleaning
  • Quick formulation changes
  • Increased service life with maximum system availability
  • Solid design for high user-friendliness and minimization of problems