Special products, processing chains, and/or production conditions require, among other things, highly specialized process technology solutions.

We use our well-founded expertise in complex processes — both industry-specific and cross-industry — to realize robust process equipment for you. When doing so, the optimal coordination of all components and interfaces is just as much a priority for us as a CE-compliant realization, as well as ensuring quality via pressure samples, welding inspections, functional inspections etc.


  • Centrifugal multi-stage dryer for the mechanical drainage of plastics
  • High-performance screw press for the mechanical drainage of pulps and residual materials
  • Rotary cooling unit for bulk materials such as titanium dioxide
  • Cooling roller and roller dryer in the chemical and food manufacturing industries (caramelizer)
  • Separation-sink tanks for the sedimentation of materials with varying densities
  • Classification augers

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for the realization of high-quality and highly efficient special machines and installations.