The highest requirements for the quality and reproducibility of products require the precise and punctual coordination of accurate production processes.

Only minimal tolerances are allowed, which, for media with difficult properties with regard to grain size, flow behavior, consistency, and bulk weight, requires precision work where design and process technology are concerned. When raw materials, aggregates etc. are added to the processing chain or when products from the process are to be filled into receptacles such as sacks, tanks etc., a wide range of challenges need to be solved. Examples of this include media that has clumped together in storage, dust formation, ensuring exact/calibrated quantities etc.

Product range

  • Metering augers
  • Dry material dosing units, volumetric, gravimetric

Properties / variants


 From 10l/h to 500m┬│/h


Tools adapted to the product, such as single-shaft/multiple-shaft augers; hoppers, fill level probes, dispersing agitators, screens, vibration motors, quick-closing valves, filters, screen units, dust extraction, weigh cells
VariantsStationary or mobile, dust-proof, gas-tight, pressure-tight and/or shock pressure resistant, food safe, ATEX-compliant
SealsProduct-specific seals


  • Exact metering and handling even for extremely hard-to-handle materials
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Variable adaptation of products and services
  • Also for the metering and handling of multiple components
  • Easy to clean