Whether you are looking for comprehensive support for a new installation, modernization, renovation, or the optimization of existing installations — we would be glad to take care of the entire project planning process for your highly complex endeavor.

This includes the following products and services where required

  • Appraisal on your premises incl. coordination of all requirements, specifications and details
  • Process consultation on all technical aspects
  • Coming up with the optimal process technology solution incl. the consideration of alternatives and the comparative assessment of various approaches
  • Support with compiling a specification sheet
  • Drafting the layout
  • Performing all calculations necessary for dimensioning
  • Creating a design plan in 2D and 3D
  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Project planning, management, and control
  • Selection and procurement of the requisite standard and purchased parts
  • Commissioning additional, external products and services
  • Manufacturing
  • Certifications
  • Material inspections
  • <liPerforming additional tests in collaboration with external partners (e.g. on mixing quality)</td>
  • Assembly
  • Complete commissioning
  • Compiling e.g. technical documentation, operating manuals, and risk assessments
  • Compiling servicing plans, and where necessary implementing them

Naturally, all steps take place in close collaboration with you.

In this manner, any adjustments can be performed early on.