For a continuous process workflow, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the seamless feeding and discharging of materials such as various bulk materials and paste-like masses; interim products, and end products.

In the case of multi-stage, complex processes, this is all the more important, and in poorly flowing products which tend to burn or sticky/viscous products, this is even harder to realize.

Product range

  • Discharge augers
  • Discharge devices
  • Auger discharge bases
  • Scrapers
  • Discharge apparatuses

Properties / variants


 Up to 500m³/h


In regular steel, stainless steel, wear- and heat-resistant materials, special materials

ConfigurationDischarge arms, auger shafts
VariantDust-proof, gas-tight, pressure-tight and/or shock pressure resistance, vacuum operation, food safe, ATEX-compliant, WGH-compliant (water protection)

Product-specific seals


  • Upgradeable/embedding into existing processes
  • Throughput quantity precisely adjustable
  • Very good complete emptying
  • Low drive power
  • Conveying that is gentle to products
  • Servicing-friendly
  • System termination

The SEGLER team will realize tailor-made feeding and discharging systems for you.

Whether it is the filling of receptacles, bins, silos, continuous conveyors, or discharging from containers, filters, receptacles etc. — the specially customized devices will systematically allow your products to flow and manage gentle conveying processes.